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14th EUROCAT Symposium: Future perspectives for congenital anomaly research

14-15 June 2018, Ispra, Italy






  1. Triple Surveillance to improve prevention and care of birth defects and rare diseases (Lorenzo Botto)
  2. Maternal age specific prevalence of gastroschisis in the North of England over 30 years: a register based study (Judith Rankin)
  3. Trends in Cleft Lip and/or palate in the Cork & Kerry region of the Republic of  Ireland from 1996-2013 (Helena Ferris)
  4. Periconceptional parental conditions and embryonic health: new evidence and opportunities of mobile health coaching (Regine Steegers-Theunisse)
  5. In utero drug exposure and hearing disorders in 2-year-old children: A case-control   study using the EFEMERIS database. (Christine Damase-Michel)
  6. Calling time on pre-natal alcohol exposure: time to ask about alcohol in pregnancy (Mary Teresa O’Mahony)
  7. Management and Outcomes of Congenital Anomalies in Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries: A Multi-Centre, International, Prospective Cohort Study. (Naomi Wright)
  8. How good are we in predicting the risk of infant mortality for newborns undergoing “curative" surgery for structural congenital heart defects? A prospective, population-based cohort (EPICARD) study. (Babak Khoshnood)
  9. Rare malformation syndromes in Polish Registry of Congenital Malformations in 2014-2017. (Anna Latos-Bielenska)
  10. POMME cohort: Analysis of drug exposure in children from the first day of the intrauterine life until 6 years old.(Christine Damase-Michel)
  11. Maternal diabetes and assisted reproductive techniques as maternal risk factors for the VACTERL association using data of EUROCAT registries and the distribution of VACTERL anomalies among VACTERL patients of EUROCAT (Romy van de Putte)
  12. Maternal smoking and lack of folic acid supplement use during the periconceptional period as risk factors for the VACTERL association using data of the AGORA data-and Biobank and the EUROCAT Northern Netherlands registry.(Romy van de Putte)
  13. Congenital anomalies: parents' concerns and opinions towards public health policies and improved effectiveness of health services. (Ana Joao Santos)




Proceedings of the the 14th EUROCAT SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM:

The Special Issue of European Journal of Medical Genetics containing the article contributions and abstracts from the 14th EUROCAT Scientific Symposium on Congenital Anomalies: “Future Perspectives for Congenital Anomaly Research” is available under the link:   https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/european-journal-of-medical-genetics/vol/61/issue/9