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Data Security and Confidentiality

EUROCAT's Position on the Commission's Proposed EU Regulation on Data Protection [Document]

EUROCAT Central Registry Database: System Level Security Policy [Policy]

Annex A - IT Policy Implementation Framework [Annex]

Annex B - Desktop PC [Annex]

Annex C - Portable Devices [Annex]


Annex D - User Account and Access  [Annex]

Annex E - User Account Management Code of Practice [Annex]

Annex F - Authentication [Annex]


Annex G - Remote Access [Annex]


Annex H - Password [Annex]

Annex I - Personal Computer [Annex]

Annex J - Networks [Annex]

Annex K - Wireless Networks [Annex]

Annex L - Disposal of IT Devices [Annex]

Annex M - Local Network Schematic [Annex]

Annex N - UU Data Protection Registration [Annex]

Annex O - UU Data Protection Policy [Annex]