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Copyright Statement


The EUROCAT website and its contents are protected by copyright. All the information on this website is subject to copyright unless expressly indicated otherwise. EUROCAT website data qualifies for copyright protection and database right.


The copyright, data, trademarks and intellectual property rights of all material held on or referred to on the EUROCAT website belong to either EUROCAT or EUROCAT’s licensors. All aspects of the website design, text, graphics, databases and other material on this website are copyright of EUROCAT.


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The EUROCAT logo / visual identity cannot be used or reproduced without prior written permission. Written permission must be obtained if you wish to use our logo / visual identity on documents, papers, websites, reports or elsewhere. If you wish to use the logo for any reasonable purpose, please contact the EUROCAT Project Manager (Dr. Rhonda Curran, r.curran1@ulster.ac.uk), for permission and guidelines on the correct use of the logo or to receive a high resolution version.